Monday, November 28, 2016

December TBR

Here it is, the long awaited December TBR!

Yep, those are the books I am planning to read in the month of December. I know what all of you are thinking. Wow, 31 books, you must have spent a lot of money. No, I didn't. About half of these were bought used for a couple bucks each. The other half were pulled directly off of my shelves. Seriously. I went through my shelves and pulled books I hadn't read yet. And then I wrapped them all. And now I don't know what is in each one! So now I have the fun of being surprised every time I need a new book to read. How fun is that?!?!?! 

So here is the plan. There are 31 books and in a perfect world I would unwrap and read one every day for the entire month. Now, we all know that is not going to happen. There are a couple little ones that I might manage in a day. There are also a couple over 500 pages that I will definitely not manage in a day. So I will just pull one every time I need a new book to read and get through as many as I can. I'm actually thinking of having this be an ongoing thing. Every time I buy new books I just wrap them up and add them to the pile. Maybe that will prevent things from sitting on my shelves too long, unread. 

Also, I will not be pulling exclusively from these books. I want to do some rereading this month because, in my mind, Christmas is the prime time of the year for favorite books. So I would like to read some L.M. Montgomery and C.S. Lewis this month. I am also thinking about rereading The Hunger Games and I still need to get to the first four Series of Unfortunate Events books before the show comes out in January. 

So that is my plan: fun new surprise books and favorite old books blended together.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your Christmas preparations!!! 

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