Friday, January 27, 2017

Weekly Wrap Up 1/27/17

Once again, I managed to complete only one book this week. I think I am currently in the midst of 9 others so next week I plan to have finished at least 4. 

The book I read this week was The Lost Sisterhood by Anne Fortier. I loved her first novel, Juliet, and was very excited to finally pick this one up. The Lost Sisterhood follows the story of Diana Morgan, a lecturer at Oxford and an expert in Greek mythology. She also has a more secret passion for the legend of the Amazons. Diana is given an opportunity to study a newly discovered inscription on a temple in northern Africa which seems to relate the history of the first Amazon queen. The story is told in a dual timeline, alternating chapters telling the story of Diana and the story of Myrina, the Amazon. 

As historical fiction, this book did not work for me. Fortier tries to combine the legend of the Amazons with the history of Troy and the Trojan War and throws in a little Greek mythology for good measure. It all just ends up being a bit ridiculous to my mind. The Amazons fought alongside Paris and Agamemnon...really? And Hercules showed up? Fascinating...  It's almost like hearing a little kid tell you a convoluted story that's made up of the last dozen books you read to them. (The good news is that the Amazons still roam the earth as vigilantes, taking out rapists and other men who deserve it. Oh! And they are often disguised as circus performs.) 

This book isn't quite as bad as I am making it sound. It just isn't great. I wouldn't read it again or recommend it but it was still an entertaining read. I think the author maybe should have approached it as fantasy. That could have had potential. 

What book have you been excited to read that just didn't end up working for you?

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